Welcome to Cloud.gr

  • Data acquisition

    The platform provides extensive protocol support for data ingestion and management; custom dataloggers collect data from smart meters and sensors (e.g. weather, environmental, occupancy) using various protocols such as Modbus, M-bus, z-wave, MQTT etc.

  • Visualization

    We deliver easy-to-setup fully customizable interfaces through interactive dashboards and multiple charts, enabling users to comprehend the “hidden story” in the vast amount of data collected.

  • Real-Time Alerts

    The platform offers real-time multi-channel notifications and alerting system, enabling critical decision making by relative stakeholders. The alerts are produced by the easy-to-use rule engine and can be modified on the fly to accommodate even the most volatile use cases.

  • Rule Engine

    Using a simple point-and-click interface, users can effortlessly create “if this then that” rules that combine any number of conditional statements leading to real-time actionable results.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Powerful data analytics embedded modules utilize state-of-the-art AI algorithms such as machine learning and deep learning, providing crucial insights leading to actionable results.

  • IoT Infrastructure Manager

    The system’s embedded IoT Device Manager enables the remote monitoring and management of the whole IoT infrastructure namely dataloggers, communication devices as well as the various sensors and meters.